Raiju Revolution
…a delay as another octopus has come out onto the ice….
NBCSN • DET vs BOS game 3 (via thecultofbergeron)

Then they had to discuss whether it was octopus or octopi…

opening night at the madhouse on madison 

Wish I could be there


Tonight the San Jose Sharks beat the Los Angeles Kings to take the best of 7 series to 3 games to nil in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. If you didn’t understand a word of what I just said, some sports stuff happened in a very close and high-energy game. The game was played at Staples…

I agree with this sentiment completely.

However they both cheer for the wrong team, Go Blackhawks!! ;)


Corey celebrating the empty netter/his shutout!


Corey celebrating the empty netter/his shutout!

In Crow we Trust


I don’t want to hear trash about Crawford ever again. He is the reason we didn’t lose tonight’s game. They need to buy him a steak dinner, yes they do. Kruger and Toews could get a free drink.

Crow is my hero.
So I watched the last two games and we lost

Do I go watch the rest of this game? Or do I stay away so as not to jinx them?

Oh god. I’m going to die before this game is over.

I can’t handle this anxiety.


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Anxious to be hearing some Chelsea Dagger tonight!!!

Let’s go Hawks, we all know you can do this!